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Lampu Dasar Kolam Renang Emaux
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Specification of Lampu Dasar Kolam Renang Emaux

Pool EquipmentEmaux Swimming Pool Base LightsSwimming Pool Lights / Underwater light 8watt 12volt LED white. This 8watt LED pool lights can be installed under water. LED underwater is a type of lamp that is specifically designed so that it is resistant and can be lit in water.Function of Underwater Emaux Base Lights:This lamp can provide a good light effect from the pool. The resulting light seems to blend with the pool water, so that at night the pool water will appear more colorful and look very beautiful. In addition, this lamp also presents bright light from ordinary lights.These lights function not only as lighting in the pool but provide beauty and beautify the pond. Installed on the wall of the pool to make the swimming pool more lively.In addition to Underwater Emaux LED lights, there are also other underwater brands such as Hayward, and others.Are you looking for Underwater Emaux Base Lights?We are CV. Ganesha Pools provides and sells other swimming pool equipment at affordable prices and good quality. We sell various brands of goods, such as: Boost, Hayward, and other brands. In addition, we also sell swimming pool medicines and pool accessories, such as LED pool lights, varijet nozzles, and others. We serve purchases throughout Indonesia with shipping rates that cover the area and range of shipping services.

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